LSG Fall ’17

Wednesday 4-5 pm, Room 232, Harvard Science Center


Main reference is A study in Derived Algebraic Geometry by D. Gaitsgory and N. Rozenblyum, available here.
Additional references and notes can be found on the IndCoh’16 seminar page.

Weekly Schedule

  • Talk 1 (Oct 11): Review of (infty, 1)-categories (Yuchen Fu)
    Mostly chapter 1.1 of [GR]. Handwritten notes.
  • Talk 2 (Oct 18): Basic constructions of DAG (Lin Chen)
    Chapter 1.2 of [GR]. Unfortunately no notes available.
  • Talk 3 (Oct 25): Dmod(Gr) and local geometric Langlands, part 1 (David Yang)
    Overview of local GL, motivation of Frenkel-Gaitsgory (math/0303173). Handwritten notesPoster.
  • Talk 4 (Nov 1): Dmod(Gr) and local geometric Langlands, part 2 (David Yang)
    Finishing the proof of Frenkel-Gaitsgory. Handwritten notes.
  • Talk 5 (Nov 8): Ind-coherent sheaves (Justin Campbell)
    Definitions and basic properties of IndCoh. Notes from previous seminar.
  • Talk 6 (Nov 15): Naive geometric Satake and factorization categories (Justin Campbell)
    More details can be found in Jerusalem notes. Handwritten notes for the talk.
  • Talk 7 (Dec 1): Master Chiral Algebra
    Dennis’ talk at MIT InfDim seminar. I’ll upload handwritten notes later.
  • Talk 8 (Dec 6): Derived Satake (Justin Campbell)
    Handwritten notes for the talk.
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