LSG Fall ’18

Thursdays 4:30-6 pm, Harvard Science Center Room 530

We will focus on the following two papers by Dima and Dennis:
“Singular support of coherent sheaves, and the geometric Langlands conjecture” (link)
“The category of singularities as a crystal and global Springer fibers” (link)
Plan of the semester can be foundĀ here.

Weekly Schedule

  • Week 1, Yifei Zhao: Overview (notes)
  • Week 2, Mikayel Mkrtchyan: The notion of quasi-smoothness (notes)
  • Week 3, Yuval Dor: Singular support of coherent sheaves
  • Week 4, Charles Fu: Computation of singular support via Koszul duality (notes)
  • Week 5, Mikayel Mkrtchyan: The classifying stack of local systems
  • Week 6, David Yang: Review on deformation theory
  • Week 7, Charles Fu: Overview on spectral gluing (notes)
  • Week 8, Lin Chen: Spectral gluing, part 2 (notes)
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