LSG Fall ’19

Tuesdays 4 – 5:30 pm, Harvard Science Center, Room 232

Weekly Schedule

  • Week 1, David Yang: Overview (notes)
  • Week 2, Elden Elmanto: Geometric Satake Equivalence (notesthe paperXinwen’s notessome notes from 2009)
  • Week 3, Jianqiao Xia: Central Sheaves via Nearby Cycles (the paper)
  • Week 4, Lin Chen: Perverse Sheaves on Affine Flag Variety (notesthe paper, aka “AB”; see also this)
  • Week 5, Kevin Lin: Quantum Groups, the loop Grassmannian, and the Springer resolution (link, aka “ABG”)
  • Week 6, Mohamed Elbehiry: ABG, Part 2
  • Week 7, Charles Fu: Two geometric realizations, Part 1 (notesthe paper)
  • Week 8, David Yang: Proof of [AB] main equivalence (notes)
  • Week 9, David Yang: Exotic perverse and coherent t-structures (notes)

Other things we’ll be reading (expanding) (feel free to claim any of them!)

  • (“Bezrukavnikov-Yun”) On Koszul duality for Kac-Moody groups (link)
  • (“FGV”) On the geometric Langlands conjecture (link)
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